Ways you can help


The second Thursday night of each month we provide a group class for our Thrive families as well as dinner for them so they can come straight from work or school.

We need you, your small group, organization, friends, or family to sign up for one or more Thursday evenings to bring a large meal for around 10-20 people.

We also need teachers to teach in areas such as pregnancy, parenting, life skills and Bible studies.  Will you help us?

We will contact you in advance to let you know the exact number of participants that will be joining us that evening. In order to meet the Department of Health regulations, all food must be purchased pre-made from a grocery store or restaurant.


Consider hosting a shower for our Baby Boutique! We will provide a speaker who will give information about the Clinic and your group will have the opportunity to bless the clients in our Thrive Program with items they need for their baby. We will provide you with a list of our immediate needs. If interested, please email us at info@supportomcg.org.

You may also check out our Amazon registry HERE


Launch a Baby Bottle Campaign to collect coins and cash in baby bottles and help fund Obria Medical Clinics Gwinnett. This is a great project for any type of group within the community.  To reserve your bottles, click on the button below.


National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday was instituted in 1983 by President Reagan and is honored on the Sunday closest to the day on which the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions were handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court on January 22, 1973.

Obria is happy to send a representative from our organization to speak to your church or group about the sacredness of life and how it relates to our ministry. Presentations can last from 5-30 minutes, depending on your group and your requested purpose. Please email us at info@supportomcg.org to request a speaker for your church’s Sanctity of Human Life commemoration.

Many churches also choose to participate in the baby bottle campaign in conjunction with their Sanctity of Human Life commemoration.

Download Sanctity of Life Sunday bulletin inserts or reserve your baby bottle banks.


Give back to the community by sponsoring or underwriting one of our events. Your sponsorship will show your corporate commitment to giving back to the community while helping Obria Medical Clinics Gwinnett meet the needs of women and families in Gwinnett County.

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Walk for Life

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Annual Gala


You can help free up the budget at Obria by donating in-kind services. Every contribution your business makes allows us to redirect funds toward other expenses, such as medical supplies and client resources. From general maintenance to legal counsel, there’s a need for every service. Contact us to contribute your business’s professional services to Obria Medical Clinics Gwinnett.


Obria depends on generous financial support. Give a donation or plan a fundraiser to contribute financially.

We simply could not do the work we do without the help of dedicated volunteers.

Volunteers provide an invaluable contribution to the organization. We have six areas in which we need volunteers.


These volunteers coordinate our inventory and distribution of donated baby clothing, baby equipment, and baby supplies. They also assist our clients with their shopping needs.


Our nurses provide evidence-based medical services and education to our patients to aid them in making an informed decision. The nurses also perform pregnancy testing and limited STI/STD testing treatment to qualifying individuals.


These volunteers are responsible for direct contact with the patient who comes to Obria Medical Clinics needing services, including but not limited to, pregnancy testing, pregnancy advocacy, information on options, relationship consulting, and support services.


These volunteers help create a positive first impression by scheduling appointments, greeting patients, monitoring the waiting room, backing up the call center, and helping patients with paperwork.


These volunteers meet one-on-one with clients who are enrolled in the Thrive Program. The CCA's role is to walk alongside our mothers as they go through their pregnancy and beyond, lending support and guidance. Relationship building and mentoring are key components of this role.


We need RDMS technicians and RNs trained in ultrasonography to perform limited ultrasounds in order to verify a viable pregnancy, calculate the gestational age, and show life to our patients.


All volunteers are required to go through extensive training, which is offered online and on-site. The online training will take approximately 2 hours and the on-site training will consist of multiple shifts shadowing other volunteers. We require a one-year commitment of all volunteers due to the level of training invested. If you or your spouse are currently looking for employment, we ask that the decision be made prior to volunteering with us. Due to the nature of our work, training cannot be taken lightly.

If you are interested in joining Obria Medical Clinics Gwinnett, we would ask that you do so according to our training requirements and schedule. We would love to have you join our team! If you are post-abortive and would like to be a volunteer with patient interaction, we require that you have completed a post-abortion care program.  If you have not, we will be able to provide this at no charge.

*The first step is to schedule a tour with us so that you can see what all volunteering at Obria entails to help you in your decision-making process.  Please click on the link below to set up a tour on a Tuesday morning.  If you are not available on Tuesday mornings, please email Matt@obriagwinnett.org to schedule a tour at a convenient time for you.