Father Figures

Growing up, I did not have a father figure to look to, so I know the importance of having a father and the damage that can be caused by an absentee dad.  I was talking to a young man after doing an ultrasound for the mother of his baby.  He had been in prison.  They had moved here from out of state.  He said he had heard a little about Jesus while in prison so I shared the Good News about Jesus with him and he prayed and repented and gave his life to Jesus.  I could see a heaviness leave his face, and it felt as though I was seeing a little boy who had been terribly hurt set free from a different kind of prison.  I pray for this couple every time I think of them, which is often.  There are so many hurting people and though we mainly serve women, we often have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the fathers.