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Our mission at Obria is to provide compassionate and holistic care to empower our community to achieve optimal health. Obria Medical Clinics is a nonprofit women’s healthcare clinic staffed by professional personnel which exists for the benefit of women and their children, both born and unborn, as well as for the fathers.

Our Core

  1. Obria Medical Clinics is dedicated to providing patients with holistic care, supporting the patient physically, emotionally and spiritually. Obria places priority on providing love, support, and a listening ear to a mother in crisis who is uncertain about her child’s future; offering guidance and input when prompted. 
  2. Obria Medical Clinics believes the Bible is the inspired, authoritative Word of God. It is without error in all its teaching. Obria Medical Clinics believes that God, as Creator, is the ultimate Owner of all possessions on earth.
  3. Every staff member is a welcomed member of the family. Obria Medical Clinics would not be where it is without its’ qualified, supportive, and dedicated staff and volunteers.
  4. The medical care delivered will be of the highest quality, in accordance with federal, state, and AAAHC health standards while simultaneously being affordable and reasonable for our patients.


Obria Medical Clinics is one big happy family. We offer our Staff a plethora of benefits including paid time off, healthcare reimbursement, paid federal holidays, and much more.* We are a faith-based, life-affirming company and expect our employees to show Christ’s love to the community.

*Full-time employees (30+ hours) are eligible.


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