Diamond Ring

A woman recently came to Obria for a pregnancy test and consultation. She was very abortion-minded and had already chosen abortion for another pregnancy several years ago.

She was a mother of three children and was in a new relationship with the father of the baby (who already had six children).

She said she didn’t want to be pregnant and that she “can’t do this again.” In her words, she didn’t want to be sick and have to deal with the other symptoms of being pregnant.

The father of the baby was supportive of parenting this child, despite the mother’s disinterest in carrying to term.

During the appointment, the patient said she was a Christian but didn’t know what that really meant. She allowed our staff to share the Gospel with her and to pray for her.

The patient had an ultrasound immediately after her consultation appointment. Once she saw the heartbeat and heard the description of her baby as a “diamond ring,” her heart was changed. She exclaimed, “Wow! God really has a plan for this baby.”

During the ultrasound appointment, she decided to parent and called the father of the baby with the news. He stated he wanted to marry her…with a diamond ring!

Did you know that a baby only looks like a diamond for a day or two? God timed her appointment just right to meet her need!