A Scary Diagnosis


Rachel came to Obria as a mom of 5 kids, an abortion in her past, and was uncertain whether she wanted to continue this pregnancy. During her first visit, she was given a pregnancy test and an ultrasound, revealing an empty uterus and some other test result abnormalities. Dr. Max referred her for further testing and care. 

Some of the abnormalities were indications of uterine or ovarian cancer (which ran in her family) and Rachel was undoubtedly concerned about the findings! When she spoke with Sarah, our staff sonographer, she was still unsure what she would do even if the pregnancy was healthy. On her final scheduled visit to Obria, for one last ultrasound, Sarah found a twin pregnancy developing! Rachel has had a change of heart and will become a mom of twins this year.

Please note, names have been changed to protect the patient’s privacy.